Открытое акционерное общество "Арзамасское опытно-конструкторское бюро "Импульс"Открытое акционерное общество "Арзамасское опытно-конструкторское бюро "Импульс"


General information

Name of the company: Impulse - Arzamas Research and Design Bureau, JSC
Org. form: Joint-stock company
Country: Russia

Office: 83, Volodarskogo str., Arzamas, Nijny Novgorod Region, 607225, Russia

General activities

Brief historical overview:
Research and Design Bureau is founded in 1961. The main focus of operation was production of simple aircraft and consumption control instruments, development and delivery of test samples produced. In 1993 the company was organised in Impulse, Arzamas Research and Design Bureau, joint-stock company.

The basic directions of the developments are:
Development aircraft ice detectors, equipment for measurement of volumetric and mass consumption of fuel, liquid and gaseous medium; ice detectors and control systems for aircrafts; commercial heat, water and gas meters; reference sets for checking and graduation of liquid and gas meters.

Cold and warm water meters designed for individual water consumers by changing a flow volume of drinking and warm water. The meters consists of a primary impeller or turbine converter and of an isolated from the metered medium counting mechanism with signal asterisk designed to increase the resolution of the meter while carrying out a graduation;

Development mass air flow sensors (MAF) for operation in the control systems of internal combustion engines. It has reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection in the information bus, stable power, a large diameter of platinum wire which provides better reliability.


Tel: +7 (8314) 791-653

E-mail: aokb@yandex.ru
Post address: 83, Volodarskogo str., Arzamas, Nijny Novgorod Region, 607225, Russia

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Tel: +7 (8314) 791-653; e-mail: aokb@yandex.ru АОКБ «Импульс»

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